About Heartland IT

Heartland IT Consulting started from humble beginnings.  In 2010 the company was founded in an apartment, cold calling companies to offer consulting services, with a phone and computer as the only amenities to support the process, both on loan. Through hard work and dedication, the company grew and we were able to get out of the apartment, hire employees and continue to build our reputation one placement at a time.  The growth has continued every year since inception.

has evolved, utilizing the basic concepts of listening and interpreting situations in a simple way.  Our company develops partnerships that are designed for long term commitments from our clients, consultants and employees in a part of the marketplace that doesn’t generally support that model.

Whether you learn about Heartland IT Consulting for the first time or talk with our people continuing to build an already established partnership, we hope that you find our rallying cry refreshing.  Our modern interpretation of resource delivery is designed to build consistent partnerships and provide a solution to the marketplace that is unmatched in quality, service, and value.

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To deliver exceptional Oracle, value-added staff augmentation and consulting services

across the United States and Canada.  Providing highly skilled resources sourced through our referral based network, our knowledge and reputation facilitate long standing partnerships.

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To be the premier Oracle staff augmentation and consulting firm providing services

to multi-national organizations across their global footprint.

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Core Values

Heartland understands that in today’s marketplace, values are the fundamental

cornerstones of our business. Our values represent who we are, and what we stand for. From the relationships with our Clients, Consultants, employees and our community, we live and breathe our values.

Heartland promises that we will deliver exceptional business results whilst making a positive contribution to our community. Together, we will build a company that clients respect as a strategic partner, consultants and employees are proud to work for and our community recognizes as a positive contributor.
Heartland strives to keep our employees and consultants focused on one goal – to be the client’s preferred partner. Simply, we must excel.
Heartland’s relationships are critical to our business, therefore our success rests on maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards. Heartland demonstrates honesty and fairness in every action undertaken.
Heartland is passionate about the quality of our brand and people. We are driven by pride, enthusiasm and an underlying sense of fun in everything we do.
Meet the awesome people that make it all happen.
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Community Service

Heartland believes that we have an innate responsibility to care for and give back to our community.

Our community includes all the people the business touches and the planet we all share together. Free enterprise capitalism is the most powerful system for social cooperation and human progress ever conceived. It is one of the most compelling ideas we humans have ever had. But we can aspire to even more. Conscious Capitalism is a way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects where we are in the human journey, the state of our world

today, and the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world. Our business is galvanized by higher purposes that serve, align and integrate the interests of all our major stakeholders. Our higher state of consciousness makes visible to us the interdependencies that exist across all stakeholders, allowing us to discover and harvest synergies from situations that otherwise seem replete with trade-offs.

Our philanthropy is an integral part of who we are, and is founded on these tenets:
Heartland will donate a portion of net profits to a selection of non-profit entities.
Heartland encourages and supports every employee to participate in charitable activities.


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Recruiting Process
Heartland IT Consulting utilizes two groups of resources delivering talent to our clients.

The largest is independent consultants, however, we do carry a small bench of internal employees.  Our independent consultants are resources that we have placed previously or referrals from our trusted network. We utilize referral based recruiting as our strategy to obtain new talent within the Oracle ERP space. We capitalize on our relationships with existing independent consultants on project for us, as well as top tier talent that we have built long lasting relationships with. We take a pro-active

approach to recruiting by laying the foundation, building a solid pipeline and continuing to leverage our long term relationships.  We are consistently following up with independent consultants in the market place whom fit into our core focus of Oracle products. This allows us to have a better grasp on the marketplace and allows us to identify when consultants may be coming available, before others know. Understanding their background and skills before a client need develops permits us to move quickly and efficiently.

  • Referrals have the highest applicant-to-hire conversion rate
  • Consultants hired from a referral begin their positions with a built-in reference
  • Referral  based consultants have greater loyalty and may stay longer at companies
  • The recruiting process tends to be shorter when submitting referrals
  • The quality of applicants is significantly higher
  • Candidates are a better fit for the role with a validated skill set
  • We utilize our most successful partnerships to build new relationships
  • The quality of applicants is significantly higher
  • Candidates are a better fit for the role with a validated skill set
  • We utilize our most successful partnerships to build new relationships